21 April 2009

Development and Peace

Lately there have been a few more developments in the D&P story. I haven't been covering them all, but Lifesite launched a new website that contains all their info on D&P and everything that's been published elsewhere on this story. You can see it here.

I have been reflecting and praying about this story, and while my position has not changed- I think D&P needs to be investigated and reorganized- I am not going to cover any more stories on the blog about it. I am afraid that I am falling into the trap of reporting every new development not because I want to inform people, but because I want to see D&P fail, which is not a charitable reason, nor is it the reason I started this blog.

If there are major developments, I will of course write about them, but if it is just more partners being connected with abortion, I won't post. I have been wondering how to still ensure people who want the information get it, and then I found the new Lifesite website. They will keep you up to date on any developments.

God Bless!

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