14 April 2009

Catholic Register on Development and Peace

The Catholic Register published an editorial about the Development and Peace allegations. You can read it here. Essentially they are saying that the CCCB's investigation into D&P is not going to be effective because it is too partisan.

I hope they are wrong, but I fear that they may be correct. The fact that the investigation is being done by people involved in D&P is worrisome, but I hope that everyone involved can get beyond that and do an honest and unbiased investigation into the allegations. I do support the Register's call for the final report to be released in its entirety. I think we all deserve that, especially if we are supposed to base our contribution decisions on the outcome of this report.

To ensure this does happen, make sure you keep contacting your Bishops, and ask when the report will be released. The worst thing we can do at this point is let this issue drop so the CCCB can avoid dealing with the allegations. If we want the truth, we can't let this just go away.

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