06 April 2009

Clear Evidence of Development and Peace Partner supporting abortion

Lifesite has found another Mexican D&P partner supporting abortion. Read the story here.

This group compares legislation preventing abortion to "torture" and "cruel and inhuman punishment." Wow.

I really wish I had time to comment on this- I spent 8 month last year investigating what constitutes torture and cruel and inhuman punishment, but this has to be a short post- I have an exam in a the morning and will try to comment when the chaos of exams is over.

Please read the story- it's horrifying and gives, I think, some of the best direct evidence against and D&P partner that we have seen.

And, I cannot believe that Catholics are supporting an organization that compares a CHILD to the agonies inflicted by torturers around the world. It is bad enough that a group that would claim something like that exists, and horrific that Catholic money is funding them- to the tune of $35,000 so far, and $175,000 if D&P isn't stopped.

Keep contacting your bishops. Please.

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