07 April 2009

Another Allegation against a Development and Peace partner

Lifesite has found evidence that another D&P partner supports abortion. The NGO Fokupers in East Timor is currently in a battle with Catholic Bishops in East Timor over the NGO's support of abortion. And the Canadian Bishops, through D&P are supporting this group. Read the story here.

This is another short post (I have another exam this week) but I encourage you all to read the report, and follow the links provided to verify the veracity of Lifesites claim.

I don't know what else to say. D&P clearly has ties with groups that support abortion. And it's not just one partner- this seems to be a cancer infesting the whole D&P organization. We need a thorough, independent investigation to be carried out on D&P.

Again, speak with your bishops. And beyond that, speak with your friends and fellow parishioners. I don't know why this is happening, but it can be a teaching moment; on the need to help out with development, but also the need to carefully inquire into the organizations you give money to, to ensure they comply with Church teachings. Apparently even agencies supported by the CCCB are not immune from the culture of death.

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