21 April 2009

Development and Peace

Lately there have been a few more developments in the D&P story. I haven't been covering them all, but Lifesite launched a new website that contains all their info on D&P and everything that's been published elsewhere on this story. You can see it here.

I have been reflecting and praying about this story, and while my position has not changed- I think D&P needs to be investigated and reorganized- I am not going to cover any more stories on the blog about it. I am afraid that I am falling into the trap of reporting every new development not because I want to inform people, but because I want to see D&P fail, which is not a charitable reason, nor is it the reason I started this blog.

If there are major developments, I will of course write about them, but if it is just more partners being connected with abortion, I won't post. I have been wondering how to still ensure people who want the information get it, and then I found the new Lifesite website. They will keep you up to date on any developments.

God Bless!

14 April 2009

Catholic Register on Development and Peace

The Catholic Register published an editorial about the Development and Peace allegations. You can read it here. Essentially they are saying that the CCCB's investigation into D&P is not going to be effective because it is too partisan.

I hope they are wrong, but I fear that they may be correct. The fact that the investigation is being done by people involved in D&P is worrisome, but I hope that everyone involved can get beyond that and do an honest and unbiased investigation into the allegations. I do support the Register's call for the final report to be released in its entirety. I think we all deserve that, especially if we are supposed to base our contribution decisions on the outcome of this report.

To ensure this does happen, make sure you keep contacting your Bishops, and ask when the report will be released. The worst thing we can do at this point is let this issue drop so the CCCB can avoid dealing with the allegations. If we want the truth, we can't let this just go away.

13 April 2009

Missing Girls

Just read this article in the NY Times. As I imagine most people are aware, China has a huge problem with sex selected abortion. As a result of the enforced one child policy, the cultural preference for boys, and recent developments in technology, baby girls are often aborted.

A recent study shows that in the 0-20 age range, China has 32 million more boys than girls.

32 million!

People are talking about the huge social ramifications this will have on the country- potential for increased violence without the "calming and settling" influence of women, increasing demographic decline but no one is talking about the psychological impact this will have on the country.

I can't imagine the trauma the mothers and fathers who've been forced to abort their daughters are going through. We know abortion has long range traumatic effect- post abortion syndrome for example. Generally that impacts on the individual level, but when the country's policy is to abort children, that impact has to expand the the national level. How does an entire country heal from those scars?

And the other part that saddens me (which the NY Times article never talked about) is the loss of all those lives. Those little girls were killed as a result of official government policy! And more and more are being killed every day.

The study says that China is trying some "imaginative and extreme scenarios" to fix the gender imbalance. Here's one they should consider: CANCEL THE ONE CHILD POLICY, and CRIMINALIZE ABORTION.

Is that innovative and extreme enough?

And, as a side note- if there is nothing wrong with abortion, why are we concerned that the Chinese are aborting themselves into extinction and self imposing genocide on themselves? The hypocrisy of the pro-choice mentality shows itself once again.

08 April 2009

CCCB will investigate Development and Peace

In a statement ( found here ) today, the CCCB announced they were forming a committee to investigate the allegations against D&P's Mexican partners accused of supporting abortion.

From the article:

"The two Canadian Bishops on the committee which will be going to Mexico later this month, 15-18 April, are Archbishop Martin W. Currie of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Bishop François Lapierre, P.M.É., of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. They will be assisted by Msgr. Mario Paquette, P.H., General Secretary of the CCCB, and by Msgr. Carlos Quintana from the offices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, where he is Executive Director of its Secretariat for the Church in Latin America. The committee of inquiry will report to the CCCB on its findings."

I want to thank the CCCB for stepping up and calling for an investigation. When they finish with the Mexican partners, I hope they will look at the partners in the 8 other countries.

Everyone keep praying for this situation, and if you wrote to you bishop, please thank him for the CCCB's commitment to investigate.

I hope this investigation will bear fruit.

07 April 2009

Another Allegation against a Development and Peace partner

Lifesite has found evidence that another D&P partner supports abortion. The NGO Fokupers in East Timor is currently in a battle with Catholic Bishops in East Timor over the NGO's support of abortion. And the Canadian Bishops, through D&P are supporting this group. Read the story here.

This is another short post (I have another exam this week) but I encourage you all to read the report, and follow the links provided to verify the veracity of Lifesites claim.

I don't know what else to say. D&P clearly has ties with groups that support abortion. And it's not just one partner- this seems to be a cancer infesting the whole D&P organization. We need a thorough, independent investigation to be carried out on D&P.

Again, speak with your bishops. And beyond that, speak with your friends and fellow parishioners. I don't know why this is happening, but it can be a teaching moment; on the need to help out with development, but also the need to carefully inquire into the organizations you give money to, to ensure they comply with Church teachings. Apparently even agencies supported by the CCCB are not immune from the culture of death.

06 April 2009

Clear Evidence of Development and Peace Partner supporting abortion

Lifesite has found another Mexican D&P partner supporting abortion. Read the story here.

This group compares legislation preventing abortion to "torture" and "cruel and inhuman punishment." Wow.

I really wish I had time to comment on this- I spent 8 month last year investigating what constitutes torture and cruel and inhuman punishment, but this has to be a short post- I have an exam in a the morning and will try to comment when the chaos of exams is over.

Please read the story- it's horrifying and gives, I think, some of the best direct evidence against and D&P partner that we have seen.

And, I cannot believe that Catholics are supporting an organization that compares a CHILD to the agonies inflicted by torturers around the world. It is bad enough that a group that would claim something like that exists, and horrific that Catholic money is funding them- to the tune of $35,000 so far, and $175,000 if D&P isn't stopped.

Keep contacting your bishops. Please.

The 10 Electoral Commandments

In keeping with the recent theme of thanking bishops who take courageous stands for life and Church teachings, I thought I'd share this link with you.

Bishop Olvera of Cuernvaca, Mexico distributed a pamphlet to all the parishes in his diocese which contained "electoral commandments" and principles to use in choosing who to vote for. The pamphlet does not specify political party, but states that "Catholics should not vote for parties favoring the legalization of abortion, homosexual unions, euthanasia, and pornography, among other policies."

I tried to find an English copy of the pamphlet, but was unable to, and my Spanish is non-existent, so we're stuck with news reports.

All I can say is thank you Bishop Olvera. We need more of our bishops and priests to stand up for the Church. If our bishops and priests won't educate the faithful on Church teachings, who will?

01 April 2009

Archbishop denounces Lifesite

It has just come to my attention (via this Lifesite article) that Archbishop Bohan of Regina has called the allegations against Development and Peace false. He did this in a statement dated March 25. He and Archbishop Weisgerber of Winnipeg are the only two bishops to publicly claim Lifesite's allegations are untrue. Archbishop Bohan asked parishioners to continue to donate money to D&P because of "the excellent work that Development and Peace does in the world to mitigate poverty and thus save countless lives of children and vulnerable people." Speaking specifically as the "chief Shepherd of our diocesan Church" he finds the allegations to be "a malicious attack on this important and sacred work that the Catholic people in Canada do for the poor in the world through Development and Peace."

I am sure that no one is going to be surprised that I disagree strongly with Archbishop Bohan. As I have said before, the allegations against D&P are serious, and good evidence has been offered to substantiate the claims. The mission of Lifesite is to provide coverage on life and family issues occurring around the world. They are not a malicious organization out to get anyone. Instead, they are dedicated to the promotion of life. They do good investigative work, and publish their findings. Just because the investigations uncover something unpleasant doesn't mean they are malicious.

With all due respect to the two Archbishops, I think they are wrong. I think they are ignoring evidence because for some reason I won't speculate on, they do not want to admit that D&P could do anything wrong. Both men speak of the good work D&P does. Lifesite is not denying that they do good work. They are simply saying that work is all for nothing if D&P's partners are also complicit in abortion. Let's not forget what abortion is. It is the intentional killing of a human being. If D&P's money goes to organizations that support abortion, any lives they save through their other programs are negated by the evil of abortion. I do not think the Archbishops understand that.

Unlike me, Lifesite has never called for people to stop funding D&P. They are simply asking for an investigation to take place. I also want to see an investigation, but I'm also asking everyone to stop donating until we know exactly what is going on. I've heard from others who think that now that investigations are occurring, we should still donate because the money won't go to D&P until the investigation is done. I understand that position, but I disagree with it for the following reasons:

  1. Not all diocese are investigating the allegations. If your diocese is not, your money might go to D&P without investigation
  2. D&P has only promised to investigate their Mexican partners, not the other partners in 7 other countries. This means that even if they fix any problems in Mexico, there are still other problems with other partners.
  3. D&P is conducting their own internal investigation. With all due respect, based on the denials D&P first issued, I don't think they can conduct a truly unbiased investigation.

Until a full, complete and arms reach investigation is completed, I don't think anyone should donate money to D&P, because the evidence of complicity in abortion is strong. Instead, take the money you would have donated to D&P and give it to another development organization that is not in any way involved with organizations supporting abortion.

With all due respect to Archbishops Bohan and Weisgerber, I think they are ignoring the strength of the evidence and as a result are giving poor advice to parishioners.