06 January 2009

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen, what are you doing?

Actually, I know what he's doing, but he's wrong to do it. On December 29, 2008 Conservative MP Rob Bruinooge wrote an opinion piece titled "Why I am pro-life" in the National Post. Bruinooge is the newly elected chair of the multi-party Parliamentary Pro-Life caucus in the Canadian Parliament. The piece is very simple- it outlines why he is pro-life. This article prompted Prime Minister Stephen Harper (the leader of the Conservative Party) to again state that his government would not introduce or support legislation on abortion.

I'm so disappointed in him. When the Harper conservatives were first elected, I was so excited. I thought it meant a real change for Canada; a return to traditional values.

I was naïve.

And I'm not anymore. While I still follow politics (mostly because I can't help it) I no longer love it, but I recognize the extreme influence and control politics has on society, so I stay involved. However, I have come to realize that there is no party in Canada that truly fits my values. The Conservatives are the closest, but they aren't perfect. But, back on topic.

Regardless of where Mr. Harper stands on abortion (and I honestly don't know where that is) he is taking the position he thinks is politically safest. He doesn't want to rock the boat and lose votes because he's still trying to get a majority government. He is willing to muzzle his MP's if he thinks their actions will do anything to cost him votes.

That is wrong, and for that reason I don't think he deserves to be Prime Minister. (Not that I think any of the other options are great.)

If you want to accomplish anything, let alone lead the country, you need to be willing to stand up for your beliefs. If you can't stand up for your beliefs (whatever they are) you can't have credibility or respect. However, politicians everywhere seem to think they can vacillate with popular opinion (and that seems to be working for them unfortunately) but we the people deserve better.

And what makes absolutely no sense to me is that poll after poll demonstrates that people DO NOT want unrestricted access to abortion. Even hard core pro-choicers I've spoken to mock the women who use abortions as a form of birth control. A poll was just done in the States that said 4 in 5 wanted at least some restrictions on abortion. Canada has no restrictions on abortion at all, and apparently Mr. Harper doesn't care at all.

Mr. Harper, please search your conscience and take a strong stance for life. Or, at the very least allow your MP's the freedom to do what their conscience tells them to do. I don't even know that it will cost you votes (it probably will) but maybe it will be such an innovation people will vote for you because you would be THE FIRST POLITITCIAN EVER to take a stand and hold to it no matter the cost, simply because it's THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!

I wonder what the world would be like if we all did the right thing? Mmm, just imagine- and then pray, because that's the only way it will ever happen in reality.

PS- As a complete and total offside, it looks like I'm writing another 50 page paper this semester (long story) in Employment Law, and I need to come up with a topic. If you have any suggestions on how to incorporate life issues into Employment Law, send them my way! Thanks!

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Armin Arend said...

"I wonder what the world would be like if we all did the right thing?" Would that not be different? Yes, but Mr. Harper does not have the backbone it takes to take on the media. If those people that have common sense and traditional value (and I think Mr. Harper may be one of those) would openly voice their opinion and stick to it, it would not be possible to show all the politically correct weirdos as resembling public opinion. It is Mr. Harper's and John Doe's fault that we are in this mess, because they do not stand up for their believes. It would be easier for John Doe to, but he does not, how can we then really blame the Prime Minister? It is an age of people being too concerned about their own well-being and of them being too well off to care about oldfashioned things like God, right and wrong and their neighbour. Times will have to get worse before they get better. Too bad, that we do not learn any other way.