30 January 2009

NBC reveals its anti-life agenda

Last week, I blogged about this commercial and stated that I wasn't sure how I felt about it. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but the commercial is back in the news. The makers of the commercial, catholicvote.com tried to buy a 30 second commercial spot for this weekend's Super Bowl. The cost of the commercial is $3 million, but they had the money to buy the spot.

NBC originally told them they could buy the commercial spot, but has since refused to air the commercial claiming that they won't run political advocacy ads.


That's right.

A pro-life commercial is now political advocacy.

How can they call it political advocacy? It doesn't mention one political party, and actual seems to congratulate their hero, Barak Obama. All I can say is at least NBC's bias is now out in the open. Pro-life commercials are bad. I would think (in this time of economic crisis) that they would be glad to air whatever ads they could- especially at that price. And, apparently they have yet to sell out all the Super bowl commercial spots. Hmm. Interesting isn't it?

While I'm still not sure that I like the ad, there is no denying that it is tastefully done. It's not graphic; it never even mentions the word abortion. It just asks you to imagine the potential of life. NBC has certainly aired more daring commercials before. But, as we have all known, NBC is a left wing organization that is going to force its views on everyone.

My response is going to be to boycott the Super Bowl this year. Feel free to join me.

(Course, that really isn't a big sacrifice to me since I don't watch football anyway. Still, the sentiment is there. I'll pray for the NBC organization as well. Only prayer will make them into a pro-life organization.)

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