14 January 2009

And the Truth is Revealed

Very interesting news out of the US today. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is suing the US government because it gave federal dollars to the US Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to aid in their effort to end human trafficking around the world. (See the story here and here.) Why are they getting upset with a charity that does a lot of good work around the world to aid women and children who are sold into sexual slavery? Oh, for the obvious reasons; because the USCCB is imposing its religious views and that outweighs any good that they can be doing.

The ACLU's specific complaint is that because the USCCB doesn't provide contraception or abortion support, they should not be given any federal money for what they are doing. Apparently when helping women who are victims of sex trafficking, an organization should provide a "full range of services." Oh, but wait- the ACLU doesn't think these women should be given spiritual counseling because that might impose religious views on them. So much for a full range of services. The ACLU's other complaint is that by giving funds to a group that has a religious background, the government is violating the rules on separation of church and state.

Let's break this down.

First, the ACLU is upset because of the violation of the separation of church and state. I am not an American legal scholar, but I don't see how this is a violation of church and state. The Catholic Church is not imposing its views on the US government- to be doing that, they'd have to say they wouldn't accept the money unless the government changed its laws on abortion and contraception. That's not what they are doing. The government allocates a certain number of dollars to fight human trafficking, and because they can't do everything themselves (nor should they try to) they give the money to organizations who can best help the victims. Where is state sovereignty violated by the church in this?

Second, they want a full range of services offered. I know the ACLU is a left wing radical organization and I can't expect much logic from them, but studies have demonstrated that women who have abortions suffer higher levels of depression and mental illness than women who do not. Add to that the physical trauma of abortion on top of the mental and physical trauma they have already suffered as sex slaves, why should abortion be offered? What possible benefit can it have to these women? They have already been victimized; there is no need to victimize them again in the name of helping them.

Third, why should the Catholic Church have to change her beliefs to do the work (helping those in need) they have been doing for millennia? I think the church has the whole offering comfort and security thing down now. It has been offering aid and comfort for far longer than the ACLU or even the US has been around.

We all know why they are doing this. They want to force their radical agenda of abortion on everyone at all costs; even the health of the women they are supposedly trying to protect. I know the tone of this post has been sarcastic (I'm sorry) but I just don't understand organizations like the ACLU. The USCCB is doing good; it's taking care of women. There are many organizations I can think of that combat AIDS in Africa who think condoms are the way to go. I disagree with them, but you don't see me suing the government.

Throughout the world, the Catholic Church is one of the largest aid and relief organizations there is. Does the ACLU really care about these women so little that they would rather see the Church step out of giving aid? Because that's what will happen. It's happened in Massachusetts already; when Catholic adoption agencies were told they had to place children with homosexual couples, they closed their doors rather than violate the teachings of Christ. But I guess relativists can't understand anyone or any organization that places principles and morality above everything else.

Sadly, I think the ACLU (and organizations like it) would rather see the Church stop helping and let people die than turn and look critically at their reasoning. And that's what frustrates me the most about stories like this. Churches are perfectly positioned to help victims, but a society led by moral relativists won't let them help. God have mercy on us all.

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