12 January 2010

Morgentaler, Conscience and the Order of Canada

The Canada Gazette (the official newspaper of the Government of Canada) is reporting that Governor General Michelle Jean (the Queen's representative in Canada- for my American readers, the Queen is Canada's head of state) has accepted the resignation of Fr. Lucien Larre and Renato Guiseppe from the Order of Canada (the Order is Canada's highest civilian honour).

Why are these men turning in their awards?

Because in July, 2008, the Order Selection Committee (headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada) decided to award Mr. Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada. Mr. Morgentaler is an abortionist and a pro-choice activist. It was his actions that lead to the Supreme Court of Canada decision in R v. Morgentaler that lead to Canada's abortion law being struck down in 1988. (See my previous post on Canada's lack of abortion laws here)

Awarding the Order to Mr. Morgentaler was controversial at best. (I was appalled, but unfortunately, not shocked by the decision.)

I want to applaud these two men for returning their Orders. Awarding it to Mr. Morgentaler tarnished the value of the award. It turns it into little more than a political tool to bestow favour upon the politically correct.

I know very little about either of these men, but anyone who will act according to their consciences is ok by me. Please pray for them, and please also pray for Mr. Morgentaler. He is no longer a young man, and one day he will have to account to God for the deaths he caused. Pray that he sees the error of his ways before that happens.

(For more info on the awarding of the Order to Mr. Morgentaler, go here and here.)

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