10 February 2009

A Wonderful First Step

The Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) announced today that they are giving the Canadian March for Life their full support. This is the first time in the 11 year history of the March that the CCCB has given it a nod of approval. (See story here)

I am very, very happy that the CCCB has officially noted, and supported the March for Life. Last year when the American Bishop's were speaking out for life during the election campaign, I admired them. I couldn't help but wonder where the CCCB was. As far as I am aware, they have NEVER, as a council, stated their unequivocal support for life. This surprises me, especially considering the Church's extremely pro-life position. It is the duty of each Bishop to ensure that their diocese teaches the truth to every Catholic in the diocese. There are far too many Catholics who are pro-choice today. Some are pro-choice because they don't know any better, and some are pro-choice despite knowing the Church's position. The CCCB has never addressed this issue.

I'm not naïve enough to think that this one pronouncement is indicative of a change in the CCCB's policy, but I do think it is a great first step. The CCCB has now recognized the importance of combating the culture of death. That is huge and fills me with great hope for the future of Canadian Catholics. It has been too long since the CCCB has given good, orthodox direction to Canada's Catholics. Canada has drifted to the left in terms of where it stands on life issues, and the CCCB has done nothing to stop it. Don't get me wrong; I in no way am condemning the Bishops; just trying to show my appreciation for their position today.

I believe the only way to save the unborn and the vulnerable is for Canadian society to fundamentally change how it perceives pregnancy and suffering. We do view pregnancy as a punishment or a disease instead of the joyful creation of a new life. Until we manage to shift our understanding, we will not beat the culture of death. The clergy have a huge role to play in this. Today, I am very proud of the CCCB because this announcement signals that they understand how important combating the culture of death is. God bless them and all clergy and religious.

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