08 March 2009


Many apologies for not posting in the last few weeks. My only excuse (and I truly hate this excuse, but it is true in this case) is I've been busy.

My schooling will come to an end in less than a month (finals included!) so I've been busy trying to get everything done.

I've also been making preparations for my life post law school, and while incredibly exciting it also eats up a lot of time.

Finally, I've realized that I will be leaving this city and the many friends I've made over the last 6 years in just over a month, and I've been trying to spend all the free time I have with them.

Add all this together and it equals neglect of this blog, and for that I apologize.

There have been a ton of things going on in the world that I'd love to blog about, but rather than writing a post on all of them, I thought I'd list and link to them.

  • London's St Joseph's Hospital- A few months ago I blogged about the practice of early induction abortion at St. Joseph's Catholic hospital in London, ON. The National Post has written a story, basically denying everything the Lifesitenews article alleged. Despite that, the Bishop of the Diocese has asked the Vatican to weigh in on the practice and indicated he will do a thorough investigation and many not wait for the Vatican's response to make corrections if he finds something wrong. (We can only pray he does)

  • In the Baby Shanice story (the child born alive after a late term abortion and thrown out as medical waste) the abortion worker involved has been charged with "unlicensed practice of a health care profession resulting in serious bodily injury, a second degree felony, and with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence, a third degree felony." (I pray she is found guilty)

  • I have no link to give you, but after speaking with a contact in the campus pro-life world, it appears that the 6 University of Calgary students charged with trespass because of their GAP display had their first appearance in court last week, and will plead next week. (Again, please keep them in your prayers)

  • In the euthanasia arena, a new (or at least new to me group) called the Final Exit Network has emerged. Their sole purpose is to aid people in committing suicide. I haven't kept up with the stories in this area, but the Secondhand Smoke and Disability Matters blog have extensive coverage on this emerging and incredibly dangerous threat to human life.

  • Since the birth of the octopulets to a single mom on welfare with 6 other children, there has been a lot of talk about regulating IVF. Unfortunately, not one seems to have made this absolutely simple (in my opinion) suggestion that rather than regulating, we should STOP the practice altogether so we can a) stop denying the dignity of human life and b) stop killing children.


  • And a new story out of Connecticut this week. Someone in the government there has decided that the state should impose changes on the structure of the Roman Catholic Church to take power away from the bishops. (This would in no way be related to the recent outspokenness of bishops on life issues would it? The government reps involved wouldn't be trying to muzzle the bishops would they? No, they wouldn't do that). See the proposed legislation here. All I can say is that the bishops are doing something right to have this much hatred spewed against them. Pray hard people.


There is a lot more going on, but there is a short list of things I would have blogged on if I had time. I think it's a reasonably balanced list of positive and negatives going on in the world. I will try to post more regularly than I have been (it would be hard to post less regularly) but I can't guarantee it will be daily like before. As life calms down, blogging will increase. Until then, God Bless and continue to pray and fast through the season of Lent.

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